Hypnotherapy for Mind and Body

Hypnotherapy for Mind and Body

Hypnotherapy for Mind and Body


Hypnotherapy currently enjoys a positive public image due to its helpful effects on addictions, weight management and the general mitigation of stress. Hypnotherapy is commonly associated with the treatment of psychological or emotional issues like phobias, anxiety and unwanted automatic behaviours. However, it can also be used to alleviate physical pain and improve functionality, using a focused state of awareness. 


The use of hypnotherapy as treatment for functional stroke involves teaching the ‘other’ side of the brain or, relearning to recover lost ability in crossover work between the right and left hemispheres of the brain for enhanced recovery of function. In January 2022, The International Journal of Stroke reported that disability was reduced and there was a saving of £1,658 in treatment cost per patient when hypnotherapy was used, “in addition to standard stroke unit care”.  


Gut-directed hypnotherapy has been shown to be effective in the management of physical symptoms of IBS, ulcers and post-surgery recovery as well as associated difficulties like anxiety, depression and low quality of life. The relationship between stress and these gastrointestinal conditions is well recognised, and addressing ill health with hypnotherapeutic guidance can train your brain to function differently. Just as imagining a lemon can make your mouth salivate, your gut can be trained to “both stimulate and inhibit gastric acid secretion” with “long-term efficacy on a majority of patients”, according to Klein (1989) and Whorwell (1987). 


The connection between thoughts, emotions and pain is a powerful one. When thoughts and emotions become negative, pain follows. And, where pain exists, negative thoughts and emotions are often expressed. Recognising this connection and addressing these areas of life in an altered state of mind can break destructive cycles and offer a complementary benefit to physical medical interventions. 


Some people are more responsive than others to hypnosis but the majority of people who are hypnotised remember everything that happened with their therapist and they require fewer sessions than other psychotherapies. To find out more about these stats and more information on what hypnotherapy could do for you, check out the article, ‘103 Key Hypnotherapy Statistics’ by Sai Blackbyrn . Or, if you have a hypnotherapy story you’d like to share, please feel free to get in touch with the Friends


Tai Chi

Tai Chi

The Whiteinch Community Centre in Glasgow is an oasis of serenity every Wednesday at 10.30 —the Tai Chi class that beckons to all seeking a holistic path to well-being. With a modest fee of £5 per week, participants are invited into a realm where movement, mindfulness, and camaraderie converge. Guided by the experienced Bob McCafferty, a martial arts and Tai Chi virtuoso, this class transcends the realm of mere exercise.Tai Chi Glasgow

Under the gentle sunlight filtering through the windows, attendees engage in the transformative practice of Tai Chi qigong—a fusion of flowing motions and conscious breath. Bob McCafferty’s seasoned guidance elevates the class beyond physicality, encouraging an exploration of inner energy and equilibrium.

The benefits of Tai Chi extend far beyond the confines of the class. Regular practice nurtures a profound connection between body and mind, fostering flexibility, improved posture, and a release of pent-up tension. It stands as a refuge from the chaos of modern life, offering a space for self-care and renewal.

The class thoughtfully accommodates diverse mobility levels, incorporating seated Tai Chi to ensure everyone can participate fully. Inclusivity is the cornerstone, allowing individuals of all abilities to savour the rewards of this ancient art form.

Bob McCafferty’s expertise shines through his teaching, shaped by a deep understanding of martial arts and Tai Chi principles. His patient demeanor creates an environment of growth and camaraderie, where newcomers and seasoned practitioners find common ground.

Beyond the practice itself, the class fosters connections. It’s not just about movements; it’s about making new friends and sharing a moment over a comforting cup of tea. The camaraderie extends beyond the mat, with participants coming together to savour the journey, support one another, and engage in conversations that warm the heart.

So, if you seek solace from the urban clamour, a pathway to holistic well-being, or a chance to forge meaningful connections, the Tai Chi class at Whiteinch Community Centre is your haven. For a nominal fee of £5 per week, guided by Bob McCafferty’s expertise, you can harmonise your body, find inner peace, and create cherished bonds amidst the bustling city of Glasgow.

Any questions, email Bob or the Whiteinch Centre

Some helpful videos of Tai Chi at the CIC


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