Isobel’s Story – I’m still standing!

Isobel’s Story – I’m still standing!

One patient’s experience of the Centre for Integrative Care

I’m still standing!

Isobel Jamieson was diagnosed twenty years ago with complex multi allergies, plus chronic psoriatic arthritis. Here, she tells of how the Centre For Integrative Care helped her first to hope – and then to grow.

The psoriatic arthritis was mainly under my skin and my immune system was attacking my nerves. Sometimes I was bedridden, which affected my work pattern and lifestyle. And the prognosis was that the pain would increase in severity until eventually there would be no pain, but I would be totally immobile.

The specialists were happy for me to seek other alternative therapies – especially after a reaction to my medication caused a breakdown of my vital organs. One surgeon actually told me, “find other ways to control the pain”.

And then my GP then referred me to Centre for Integrative Care.

The first thing the Centre gave me was hope. And then, soon enough, I had picked up practical strategies.

I learned how to blend my existing knowledge of self-hypnosis with new skills such as reiki, breathing techniques and Mindfulness. These became part of my holistic living plan.

I also began to take four gentle, non-invasive homeopathic medications. This all helped me to control the constant pain. And it has also stemmed the encroaching paralysation. Though I use crutches and sometimes need my wheelchair, the episodes of deep depression and of severe pain are rare now. I can enjoy my life again.

Music, art, nature, laughter and comedy are precious to me and are also useful coping strategies.

I count myself lucky to have the knowledge and expertise available at the Centre For integrative Care, and I cannot recommend its staff and services highly enough.


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