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Calling All Piano Players!

The Centre for Integrative Care has a piano on loan until the end of the year and would like to extend an invitation to members of the community to play a tune for the patients and staff. As Friends of the Centre, we know the positive impact that music can have on...

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Hypnotherapy for Mind and Body

Hypnotherapy for Mind and Body   Hypnotherapy currently enjoys a positive public image due to its helpful effects on addictions, weight management and the general mitigation of stress. Hypnotherapy is commonly associated with the treatment of psychological or...

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Tai Chi

The Whiteinch Community Centre in Glasgow is an oasis of serenity every Wednesday at 10.30 —the Tai Chi class that beckons to all seeking a holistic path to well-being. With a modest fee of £5 per week, participants are invited into a realm where movement,...

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Faculty of Homeopathy

FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE Founded in 1844 and incorporated by Parliament in 1950 the Faculty of Homeopathy supports registered medical professionals with their homeopathic practice. They are the only homeopathic organisation to be recognised by professional...

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From Infinity and Beyond -Friends Advocacy Group

The Friends also has an advocate group. Our current activities include ensuring that the Centre for Integrative Care is here for the next century and beyond.


In the Spotlight

There is currently a consultation paper around the services for Chronic Pain. 

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