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Is the NHS Centre for Integrative Care open during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Yes! The Centre for Integrative Care is currently open and able to speak to you by telephone (0141 211 1616 or 0141 211 1688 to leave a message). You can also send an email to the medical secretaries and administrative team on:

The clinical staff are doing clinics by telephone or video consultation (also known as ‘tele-medicine’ or ‘virtual consultations’). You can also send a letter if you prefer to: NHS Centre for Integrative Care, 1053 Great Western Road, Glasgow G12 0YN. The staff at the Centre for Integrative Care understand you may need to contact for some extra issues at present, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The usual in-person clinics are not able to run at the present time or the groups, so wait to hear more details about these in the near future.

What is the NHS Centre for Integrative Care?

The NHS Centre for Integrative Care is a special and fairly unique place. It is a small hospital run by the NHS, in a beautiful building which has been purpose-built with your comfort and healing in mind. The service is entirely based on holistic principles, which means you receive individualised care from the highly skilled staff, and are supported to help manage your health in a way that lets you feel empowered and hopeful. (NB: some people know the Centre for Integrative Care as the former Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital – there has been a long tradition of offering care that meets people in a truly sensitive and co-partnership way).

What do you do at the NHS Centre for Integrative Care?

There are a wide range of therapies and different options and how much you may engage with these really depends on your preference and what may be right for you, which you discuss with your clinician (doctor or senior nurse practitioner) at your first appointment, which is long in order to give you time to get to know each other. Examples can include learning meditation skills (mindfulness)  and other strategies and ways to feel more comfortable in yourself and face your difficulties in a stronger way. You may receive advice about lifestyle or homoeopathic medicines that can support your health, and you may have an opportunity for a one-to-one with a specially trained physiotherapist or take part in a group such as the popular nurse-run Holistic Day Service.

What sort of things do people come to the NHS Centre for Integrative Care with?

People are unique and individuals and come with a very wide range of health concerns and issues and there is experience with helping support how complex conditions that people may have had for a long time can be looked at in a different way, with a focus on improving how well people can live and gain full enjoyment from life as much as possible, understanding that there are real challenges. People come with skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema. They also come with complex blends of problems such as pain and fatigue and issues that have impacted on their emotional and mental health and well-being and physical health. Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Chronic Pain problems, joint issues, menstrual problems and issues around menopause, neurological problems such as MS, Parkinson’s, migraine and headaches, digestive problems and conditions ….the range of conditions people experience is very wide indeed.

How can I come to the NHS Centre for Integrative Care?

You require a referral from either your GP or another doctor or nurse or healthcare professional involved in your care. This could be a physiotherapist, counsellor or specialist nurse, for example. They would write a letter or email to the service asking for you to be seen there and then a senior clinician at the Centre for Integrative Care checks they think the referral is suitable and likely to be helpful for you. You will then be contacted by the dedicated admin team to offer you a first appointment. This is with a clinician (doctor or senior nurse).

Is The NHS Centre for Integrative Care private? How much does it cost?

The service is part of the NHS and there is not a charge to attend or for your consultation. If you are recommended to take treatment such as homoeopathy, then it is possible your GP may prescribe it for you.  Alternatively, you may choose to purchase the homoeopathic remedies directly yourself (approximate cost may be £7-8 for a treatment that may last 3 months).

Do you see children at The NHS Centre for Integrative Care?

Yes. There is a dedicated Children’s clinic and children of all ages are seen. We also see Adolescents.

How can I join The Friends of Centre for Integrative Care?

Joining is easy and takes a few minutes, click here and fill in the form, there is a £10 per year fee which covers admin and expenses of the group.

Do you have information for Doctors who want to refer patients for Integrative care?

Yes, we have information and help for doctors, nurses, clinicians or any medical professional who wants to refer a patient to the Centre for Integrative Care, click here

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