The CovidWEL project by Dr David Reilly – Free course

The CovidWEL project by Dr David Reilly – Free course

Some of you may know Dr Reilly. Until 2016 he was a Consultant Physician in The NHS for Centre for Integrative Care in Glasgow; and Greater Glasgow & Clyde Health Board’s Lead Clinician for people with CFS/ME. He is currently Director of TheWEL Programmes,  The Healing Shift Enquiry and  Founder and Director of TheWEL Charity.

Dr David Reilly has offered an great opportunity to get involved with the COVID WEL project .

The COVIDWEL course offers you immediately useful, hands-on support for your wellbeing, health and resilience during this difficult era, and then beyond, after COVID.  It will help you to help yourself.  ​​It is completely free as a contribution in these hard times.

The course distils three hours from the full 20-hour WEL course – an evidence-based approach scientifically proven to help people transform their wellbeing.

The COVIDWEL is in 2 parts: ​​

  • In Part 1, we explore the ‘missing edge’ of the Pandemic Triangle – your ability to resist infection and recover from it. This complements our current critical preventative measures and treatments.  We examine how the ‘soil’ of poor health allows the ‘seed’ of the virus to take deeper root. Then we focus on ways to tackle our mental health, wellbeing and coping challenges and ways that shift our perceptions and activate our self-care as we navigate the storms of the pandemic.
  • ​​In Part 2, we narrow our focus onto specific steps you can take immediately to strengthen your resilience to infection and your recovery from it. You will learn three key targeted areas for action with your nutrition.
  • Everything you learn in the COVIDWEL will be of great ongoing value to you when the pandemic is over, helping you turn your way of living around

If you would like to know more or do the course, please visit the website click here

Good luck and hope you enjoy!

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