Would you like to get a referral to the NHS Centre for Integrative Care in Glasgow?

You’re in the right place.

Referrals to the NHS Centre work like any other referral within the NHS: The referral must be made by your healthcare professional — your GP or another medical doctor, nurse, specialist nurse, physiotherapist or counsellor. There is no cost to you for the referral or the consultation(s).

1. Discuss your interest in seeking complementary and alternative approaches to your health and wellbeing with your healthcare professional so they know it is important to you. The government protects your right to participate in your healthcare and treatment, so you should feel confident to bring up this topic. Many healthcare professionals are not up-to-date on Integrative Care, so you may have to explain that the NHS does use evidence-based holistic therapies at the NHS Centre in Glasgow. There’s more info for healthcare professionals here.

2. Ask your healthcare professional to refer you to the NHS Centre for Integrative Care. If they have any questions, they can contact the NHS Centre directly at CIC.Admin@ggc.scot.nhs.uk or phone 0141 211 1616 or 0141 211 1688.

3. If they agree to refer you, they will send a letter or email to the NHS Centre requesting an appointment for you. You will be notified of an appointment via post within nine weeks.

4. If they do not agree to refer you, we recommend you contact your local MSP immediately and make them aware of your wish to be referred to the NHS Centre for Integrative Care.

You can find you local MSP by clicking here

You can also get in touch with us.  We can help by sending your health professional a letter. Just email us a note with your healthcare professional’s name, the name of the practice, and the address, plus your details. We will send them a letter reiterating your interest and explaining the services offered by the NHS Centre for Integrative Care, and how to refer patients. Please email hello@friendscic.org or phone 0753 261 9335.

Learn more about the services offered at the NHS Centre.

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