Health and wellbeing as fundamental as GDP  – National Performance Framework

Health and wellbeing as fundamental as GDP – National Performance Framework

As you know, ‘The Friends’ are politically and religiously neutral.  We don’t have any affiliation to political or religious groups.

However, as we move and get ready for the Scottish Elections in May 2021, how do you think the Scottish Government has performed.

Have a read at the National Performance Framework (click here) where the Scottish Government has stated that Health and well-being is as fundamental as GDP.

What do you think? Has the Government delivered on what is important to you?  How can we work to influence the political agenda to ensure that the Centre for Integrative Care is here for us in the future and for the next generations.  Let us know what is important to you.


The Research Council for Complementary Medicine

The Research Council for Complementary Medicine

The vision of RCCM is to promote research that will widen the availability of and access to safe and effective complementary medicine for patients within the National Health Service in the UK, to help prevent disease and improve patients’ health and quality of life.  For more information visit the site click here 

For a list of Complementary Treatments and their Professional bodies click here 


European Congress for Integrative Medicine

European Congress for Integrative Medicine

European Congress for Integrative Medicine

The European Congress for Integrative Medicine aims to bring together medical practitioners, healthcare professionals, therapists, researchers and health politicians to facilitate the advancement of healthcare systems that combine conventional medicine with evidence informed lifestyle, complementary and traditional approaches to achieving optimal health and healing.

“We are delighted that the Integrative Medicine Conference will be held in London for the first time and look forward to making new connections with integrative medicine colleagues from the UK and around the world”

Prof Stefan Willich, President, ESIM. Germany

For more information please click here

A call for help – The Friends need you!

A call for help – The Friends need you!

With so much work to be done during this difficult time to keep our members connected, we need to ensure we have a full and active committee.

We are therefore looking to our members to get more involved.  We currently have vacancies on the committee that we need to fill. If you might be interested, then please get in touch.

We can provide any training and support that you need. We can also have some of our meetings via zoom for those of us who may struggle to get along to the face-to-face meetings.

Please seriously consider getting involved either as an office bearer or a volunteer member on the committee. Without a full and committed committee we will be unable to take forward some of the key projects we have planned.

More importantly, we will be unable to fully represent and protect the good work of the Centre for Integrative Care that is so dear to all of our hearts.

Homeopathy Research – Case for Homeopathy

Homeopathy Research – Case for Homeopathy

About homeopathy

Homeopathy is a natural form of medicine used by over 200 million people worldwide. It is safe, gentle and effective for a wide range of conditions.

Homeopathy is also cheap. In France, where it is widely available as a healthcare option, a government report showed that treating a patient using homeopathy cost 15% less than using mainstream medicine.

Homeopathy in Glasgow

 Glasgow has a long association with homeopathy. 1880 saw the opening of a dispensary providing free treatment to the city’s poor and the Glasgow Homeopathic Hospital was established in 1914. Now located on the Gartnavel site, the hospital is part of The NHS Centre for Integrative Care. Homeopathy is available at the CIC via GP referral.

Homeopathy at the Centre for Integrative Care 

 At the Centre for Integrative Care our highly trained doctors and nurses use homeopathy alongside conventional medicine to provide patients with a choice of treatment options. This allows patients to support and manage their health and wellbeing and puts them firmly in control of their life.

For more information, patient stories and links to scientific research into the positive effects of homeopathy visit:

Homeopathy UK logo

Click Here

 For more about Homeopathy research evidence  visit the HRI website

Homeopathy Research Institute

All the research and activities of the Homeopathy Research Institute

For more information on the Homeopathy Research Institute click here


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